Madison Prewett's Dad, Chad Prewett, Is an Auburn Basketball Coach

Madison Prewett, a contestant on Peter Weber's 'The Bachelor' season, has a famous dad — Auburn basketball coach Chad Prewett.

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Spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. Madison Prewett, an early frontrunner on Peter Weber's The Bachelor season who got the very first one-on-one date, has been open about the love that her parents share. "I've always said I want to marry someone like my dad," she told Weber, and in episode one they bonded over their love of their families. What's particularly interesting is that Madison's father, Chad Prewett, has a prominent position as a coach at Auburn University. Chad showed up in her intro package, and in her bio she's explained that he's coached her athletically, too.

Chad's going to come back this season—and he's going to play an important part. Let's explore what we know about him.

He's an Auburn basketball coach. 

As confirmed by Madison's intro package, Chad is director of operations for Auburn University basketball team (he's spent six years on head coach Bruce Pearl's staff). His social media is all about the Tigers and his family, and sometimes both:

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Based on the family's social media, we also know their religion is really important to them. That's going to be important later because...

He doesn't give his permission to Weber.

This is giving me Cassie Randolph vibes from Colton Underwood's Bachelor season. According to Reality Steve, Madison makes it to hometown dates and when Weber asks for Chad's permission to ask for her hand in marriage, he actually...refuses. We actually don't know the person Weber picks, so TBD on whether that fact means he doesn't pick her as his final selection. We also know that Madison is a virgin, per spoilers, so who knows what this means for the couple?

He's supporting his daughter's appearance on the show.

Chad referenced his daughter's intro package on Twitter tonight, showing he's both a) watching The Bachelor and b) giving his daughter public support. 

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So at least he has a good sense of humor about it all?

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