Netflix's 'Sweet Magnolias' Is Getting a Season Two!

After that cliffhanger, we can't wait for what's next.

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One of the only good things about 2020 has been Netflix's Sweet Magnolias, an adaptation of Sherryl Woods' series of the same name. If you're unfamiliar, the adorable JoAnna Garcia is Maddie Townsend, who has to start over when her husband (Chris Klein) gets divorced to start over with his pregnant mistress (Jamie Lynn Spears, always welcome on my TV anytime). It's all about love, family, and three BFFs in a small town in South Carolina—complete with pretty, pretty locations and lilting Southern accents.

Fans have compared it to a Southern Gilmore Girls, and since the show debuted on May 19 it's gotten a ton of buzz—so much so that fans quickly began clamoring for season 2. No plot spoilers in this post, but seriously. Go watch. I promise it'll be worth it. Especially because...

Netflix has renewed Sweet Magnolias for a second season!

Hollywood Reporter noted on July 23 that Netflix has indeed renewed the show for a second season. After all, the show rose to Netflix's top ten within a week of being released, and even hit number one in the U.S. over Memorial Day weekend. The streaming giant usually bases its renewals on 30 days of viewing numbers, so we had to wait a few weeks to hear about the renewal officially. The first season is based on the first three books in the series, and there are 11 books in the series. So they'll have plenty to work with for the new season!

The cast and crew wanted a season two, too!

The cast and crew have basically been raving about how much they want to continue working together, which is honestly such a joy to see:

Series co-executive producer Norman Buckley to The Sun: "My hope would be that as soon as we can meet again, we would go right into [Season 2]. Once everything opens up. I don't know how Netflix makes their decisions, but it definitely would be good if we got a second season."

Chris Klein, also to The Sun: "I do believe it was always [executive producers] Dan Paulson and Sheryl J. Anderson's goal to move this beyond the Season 1, and the way that the story fills out and fleshes out, we could definitely pick it up and tell more of these characters' stories...I, for one, really, really hope that we get that opportunity. Selfishly because I want to see what happens to Bill Townsend."

Jamie Lynn Spears to The Hollywood Reporter: "If Sweet Magnolias got a Season 2, that would be a dream job. The cast, the crew and the whole situation was just so ideal for me."

Heather Hadley, regarding the cliffhanger season 1 ending (no spoilers!), to The Sun: "I think it sets it up for Season 2 for [viewers] to find out, 'Why did you go away, why are you back, what's happening, why is he here, why is she here?' That kind of thing. I hope the world allows us to have a Season 2."

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