'Pose' Season 3: Everything We Know

We're counting down the days.

billy porter in fx's 'pose'

Finished season two of Pose in a hot second and want more? Because, same! The Golden Globe-nominated drama from FX about New York's ballroom scene in the '80s and '90s is next-level good. It's refreshing to see the LGBTQ+ community represented on television and sharing a piece of history with audiences that may never have been aware of it. And just in case you didn't already love this show enough, it's worth noting that Pose features the largest cast of LGBTQ+ characters in a scripted series ever. The hit show has jump-started the careers of transgender actors including MJ Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Indya Moore, Hailie Sahar, and Angelica Ross. And I could never forget to mention a fashion icon I admire so deeply: Mr. Billy Porter. So, when is Pose season 3 going to be out? Well...it's complicated.

Season three is confirmed, but filming is on hold.

Pose was one of the shows affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Season three was just getting started, and then production came to a halt.

"When production paused, I wasn't shocked—I knew it would happen—but it was a bittersweet moment for me," said Moore to Variety. "On the one hand, if anyone had gotten sick, it surely would have spread fast. On the other hand, most folks working on a production are living paycheck to paycheck. So I was worried about how they are going to survive."

still from fx's 'pose'

According to Deadline, the show was renewed shortly after its season two premiere last June. The shows' third season was supposed to premiere this summer, but, well, you know how the story goes.

The plot hasn't been revealed, but we have some guesses.

Co-creator of the show Steven Canals told Variety that at the time production shut down, the script for season three wasn't set in stone. When the show starts filming again, Canals believes the set might look slightly different due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Things like kissing—we will likely forgo those moments. The place on our show where the biggest impact will be felt will be the ball scenes: Those scenes have 125 to 150 background actors," he told Variety. "That's tricky because that's such an important and critical part of our show and the narrative. We're just, only now, having conversations of 'Is there a world where we forgo these things?'"

still from fx's 'pose'

And while the script isn't final, cast members have some ideas on where the show may go. Pose producer Janet Mock told Entertainment Weekly last August: "I believe there will be a new House of Evangelista. I think that that's something that we could boldly say that Blanca will likely have new children in season three," Mock told EW. "It makes sense—her children are grown. They'll come and go. Family dinner may be bigger. I don't know if Angel and Papi will have kids of their own. I don't know what their home lives are going to look like. But I think that they're also be [sic] very tethered to one another even though they go out and brand out and there may be new houses and all that good stuff."

Interesting! At least we have this juicy gossip to hold on to this until we hear any more news. Stay tuned, my loyal Pose fans.

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