The 'Friends' Reunion Was the Best Part of the Emmys

"We've been roommates since 1994!"

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Tonight during this year's Emmy Awards, Jennifer Aniston showed up (in a gorgeous LBD, of course) to present with host Jimmy Kimmel, then had to race home in time to (possibly) receive her trophy for Best Actress in a Drama. But great news—she's back, and she brought her friends with her. It's a mini Friends reunion!

Kimmel brought Aniston up on screen—she looked amazing in a patterned pink robe, because of course her PJs are effortlessly chic too. AND THEN. Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow stepped into frame and said hi to Kimmel/the world, proclaiming that they all totally live together. "We've been roommates since 1994!" Jen insisted, despite the fact that it was their characters who lived together and that the women have, you know, separate families of their own (as Kimmel was quick to point out).

Oh, and also, Jason Bateman was there too? Honestly, I'm not sure why, but it doesn't matter (I'm kidding, Aniston and Bateman are apparently super-BFFs, and Bateman had appeared on the Emmys broadcast earlier himself). What's amazing is that Kudrow, Aniston, and Cox are all friends in real life, so this is just a cute little glimpse into their genuinely sweet dynamic—it's not just on Instagram, people.

The only thing I was disappointed by was that I didn't a chance to see David Schwimmer (or Matthew Perry or Matt LeBlanc, for that matter) sidle into frame to say hello. Because don't they just hang out together all the time?? Give me more Friends reunions please, especially since the official reunion has been delayed yet again. 

It wasn't just you screeching on the couch. Fans. Were. EXCITED.

Some great video of the epic, epic moment:

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SAME, you guys.

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