Jennifer Aniston Just Showed Up to the Emmys IRL in an Amazing LBD

Seriously, how stunning is she?

Jennifer Aniston LBD
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Among the delightful surprises at this year's Emmys (did anyone else gasp when they cut to audiences in previous years, thinking it was a live feed?), we're getting a few IRL appearances from stars. And of course, the best one so far has been Jennifer Aniston, dressed in a stunning head-to-toe black dress (ID TBD) that's simultaneously flowy, low-cut, and VERY sexy. I might have audibly gasped when I saw her, partly because I expected host Jimmy Kimmel to be doing all the hosting himself, partly because she was glowing (look at that necklace!!). 

Aniston and Kimmel shared some banter—something about staying 60 feet apart and Kimmel hearing it as sexy feet, and then they set the winner envelope on fire. The skit ended with Aniston dashing home so she can stay nominated in her category, since Kimmel said you have to be home in order to qualify. So this won't be the last time we see that gorgeous dress, hopefully.

As you'll remember, Aniston's style is very classic and thus nailing a black dress is absolutely in her wheelhouse. She saved her best Oscars style for the afterparty in a dress that was shorter than this one but just as sexy. This was after she bumped into her sexy ex, Brad Pitt

Here's the video of the dress in motion:

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Here's the full-length look:

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And here's a picture Aniston shared earlier (turns out she was getting ready for her big moment):

Way to go, Jen.

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