'Unsolved Mysteries' Volume 2 Looks Every Bit as Creepy In This New Clip

Get a sneak peek before six new episodes drop on October 19.

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The episodes we've been waiting on for almost six months are finally almost here: Volume 2 of Netflix's rebooted Unsolved Mysteries will be ours to investigate on October 19. And suddenly, 2020 doesn't seem so bad anymore? Okay, maybe I'm being optimistic, but we can all agree this is low-key one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween this year.

The six new episodes sound compelling, with subjects that include kids stolen from a playground; a lady in the lake; the Washington Insider Murder; a Death Row fugitive; ghosts said to originate from a catastrophic tsunami, and a mysterious death in Oslo.

Lucky for you, dear reader, Marie Claire has an exclusive sneak peek of one of the episodes premiering Monday—this one about the unsolvable murder of a woman in Norway. The episode, titled "Death In Oslo," is about a woman found dead in a fancy hotel room in Oslo, Norway. It's one of the three international cases the show has done so far. Per the Netflix summary:

When a woman was found dead in a luxury hotel room in Oslo, Norway, it appeared to be a suicide. However, several pieces didn’t add up: she had no identification, her briefcase contained 25 rounds of ammunition and no one reported her missing. Who was this woman, and could she have been part of a secret intelligence operation?

Below, watch an exclusive clip from the episode that dives into the lack of evidence found at the crime scene—and one shocking piece of information they did find.

You can watch Volume 2 of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix starting on October 19. If you have information about any cases featured, go to unsolved.com.


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