'Nine Perfect Strangers' Season 2: Will It Happen?

Season 1 left the door open for Masha's story to continue.

Melissa McCarthy
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The first season of Nine Perfect Strangers ended either very pleasantly—with everyone's arcs tied up in a neat little bow—or in a bit of a question mark with only a book-hallucination to rely on, depending on who you ask. Either way, it left the door wide open, particularly in terms of Masha's (Nicole Kidman) story continuing. But with the show being originally named a "limited series," with only eight episodes, it's not a guarantee. Here's everything we know about the possibility of a season 2 of Nine Perfect Strangers.

What could happen in Nine Perfect Strangers season 2?

We learn that Frances penned a book, aptly titled Nine Perfect Strangers—a nod to the real-life book the show was based on—and that Masha definitely read the book and also stole (or was given) Ben's yellow Lamborghini. Masha didn't end up in jail after all and is shown cruising along the Pacific coast, with the hallucination of her dead daughter sitting next to her (implying that Masha is probably still doing a lot of drugs now that she's unlocked the power to see Tatiana).

The fate of the strangers is somewhat unknown—it's implied that Jessica and Ben end up working at Tranquillum House; Lars has a baby; Tony reconciles with his kids and is happily living with Frances; Carmel has healed from her trauma and now works in group therapy—but that could've all just been how the characters in Frances's book wind up. Which means if a second season did get green-lit, we could learn what really happened to the strangers. Or, if it turns out the season 1 ending wasn't just a reflection of Frances' writing and was reality, season 2 could delve into what happens after they all seemingly found happiness. Do Frances and Tony really stay together and learn to trust and love again? Do Jessica and Ben actually enjoy running a wellness resort? How does Lars fare as a father?

Not to mention, Masha "lives nine lives"—so season 2 could see the wellness guru trying to fix a new group of strangers in a new city or country. Or is she content spending time with the ghost of her daughter? Or perhaps her missteps finally catch up to her (there is that unresolved storyline about the wife of the man who died at Tranquillum blaming his death on Masha). Delilah and Yao could also have roles in the second season: Will Masha go after Delilah for outing her to the police in the first place?

Has Hulu confirmed a season 2?

The first season of Nine Perfect Strangers was based on the book of the same name by Liane Moriarty. Since there's no book sequel, it's not a given that the show would continue. But when writer/producer David E. Kelley and Nicole Kidman are involved, never say never. The pair's other project, Big Little Lies—also based on a Moriarty novel—got a second season despite not having book material to guide it. That being said, Kelley and Kidman's other project based on a book, HBO's The Undoing, didn't do a second season, despite being one of 2020's most buzzy shows, as was originally planned.

But if it's up to the show's director, Jonathan Levine, season 2 of Nine Perfect Strangers will definitely happen. While speaking with BuzzFeed, Levine laid out an entire plan for a second season that would turn the series into an anthology, introducing a new cast of characters to the concept. (This would also solve the problem of trying to lure A-listers like Melissa McCarthy and Bobby Cannavale back to the project.)

"The one thing I did think would be cool is if you could get, like, another group of nine," he said. "One of them would be, like, a famous person playing themselves. I would love for people to want more. And then it's about whether we could convince [David E. Kelley], the series creator, and Nicole [Kidman]."

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