What We're Reading: Actually, No, What Are YOU Reading?


Ladies, I'm going to level with you here: I'm not reading any new books this week. (I am, however, finishing up an amazing February 2011 release that I can't wait to tell you about!) Truth is, the constant stream of exciting new book releases slows to a trickle around the holiday season — and for good reason. (What author wants to do a book tour when they could be at home eating cookies?!)

So this week, I want to know: What have been your favorite new books of 2010? (Or your least favorite! Any Franzen-haters out there?) Any golden oldies you've revisited and re-loved this year? Tell us in the comments or via Facebook or Twitter (or, heck, drop me a line at amaltby@hearst.com), and we'll present a selection of your responses in an upcoming post.

For now, back to the cookies.

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