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What We're Reading: A Rallying Cry for Books

In this week's true story, a recent college graduate, and fellow bibliophile, shares her innate love of books. As an 8-year-old girl, she and her librarian father made — and kept — a promise to one another to read every night.

The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared

Author: Alice Ozma, named after the female characters in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Frank L. Baum's Oz series.

Genre: Creative nonfiction.

What Happens: Alice's story recounts life changing events, like her parents' separation and her father's struggle to raise his daughters; as well as not-so life changing (but nonetheless memorable) events, such as watching lightning storms on the front porch and her deeply rooted childhood fear of former President John F. Kennedy. She then intertwines her stories with those of the protagonists in the many books she and her father shared.

Why Read It: Alice's book serves as a rallying cry, advocating the importance of books and challenging the reader to make a reading promise of their own. There's even a pre-constructed promise at the end of the book. The last sentence? "I promise to be there for books, because I know they will always be there for me."

Details: Grand Central, May 3, $24.99

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