The 'Who Killed Sara?' Cast: Your Complete Guide

Get to know Sara, Alex, and the Lazcanos.

Who Killed Sara? Cast
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix is known for its engrossing crime dramas that center on sex, power and investigations. The streamer's latest hit Who Killed Sara?, a.k.a. ¿Quién mató a Sara?, delivers all that and more through as we watch ex-convict Alex Guzman dig up dirt on the powerful Lazcano family, who were involved in his sister Sara's mysterious death 18 years ago. Alex was wrongfully imprisoned for Sara's death from a parasailing accident, and he believes that one of the Lazcanos killed her. In addition to a gripping plot, Who Killed Sara? boasts a cast that may be familiar to avid viewers of Mexican soap operas and telenovelas. For those of us who are seeing most of these actors for the first time, here's your guide to the excellent cast.

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