Current Facebook Status: Organ Donor

Thanks to the social network's partnership with Donate Life America, changing someone's life just got easier.

In one of the most progressive online campaigns for human life, Facebook has introduced a donor registry tool designed to boost the number of organ donors. Considering a New York Times report that nearly 7,000 people die each year while waiting for a donor in the U.S. alone, the social network is smart to help combat these shortages by leveraging its access to 900 million users worldwide. Through a partnership with non-profit Donate Life America, Facebook users can now become donors with the click of a button.

Signing up is easy: go to, click the "Register Here" icon, choose your state, and you'll be directed to the online registry. Then, post your new donor status on your timeline to encourage friends and family to join the campaign as well. Sounds much better than the hassle of those long, hateful lines at the DMV, no?

In the two days following the feature's launch last Tuesday, some 24,000 people signed up in 22 states—"a 23-fold increase over average enrollment activity," according to Donate Life America. We're thinking Facebook just helped push the organization a lot closer to its goal: 20 million donors in 2012.

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