Welcome to #Facebook, Hashtags!

Twitter may have started the trend, but hashtags have quickly worked their way into countless forms of social media: Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine — the list goes on. And even though users have been using hashtags on Facebook for months (oftentimes due to the overlapping of social platforms), they didn't actually mean anything — until now. Starting today, Facebook will officially offer hashtag support.

This long-awaited move comes following rumors that surfaced in March about such a development being in the works. Facebook will stay still true to its privacy-friendly roots: Streams will be restricted by privacy settings, just like all other Facebook posts. So clicking a hashtag on Facebook, you'll only be able to posts made by public pages or your Facebook friends. Not to mention for the meantime, they're unavailable for purchase to advertisers (although they are encouraged to use them!)

Facebook and Twitter have always been the masters of their own domain the social sphere, and this could be a game changer for the world of social media. While that's still to come, at least for now Facebook's newfound hashtag capabilities will make you look a little less ridiculous when syncing Instagram photos to Facebook. #Win.

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