The Latest 'Fifty Shades' Trailer Has (Brace Yourselves) Sex Scenes in It

Today shall henceforth be known as Jamie Dornan Disrobes Day.

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(Image credit: Youtube)

This much hotness cannot be legal. (Which might be why they premiered a new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer during Suits. Heh.)

Most of the footage you've seen before...except a few new tantalizing, extended glimpses of the sexy stuff. There are some lingering shots of kissing. There is licking. There is Christian Grey crawling onto a bed toward a camera positioned for maximum inserting-yourself-into-the-story-ness. And there is a crucial, all-too-brief trouser-unbuttoning scene.

Highly recommended: Crack a window before you start watching. Happy Friday!

[youtube align='center'][/youtube]

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