Is the New 'Cinderella' Movie Feminist? The Trailer Sure Makes It Look That Way

That waist, though: CGI or crazy corsetry?

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Hell yeah the new Cinderella isn't about "a man rescuing a woman." The new trailer for the Kenneth Branagh-directed fairytale is here, and we'd venture to say it's swoony, sweeping, and even a little feminist.

From what we can tell from the almost 2-minute-long preview, there seem to be some important plot differences. There's a nefarious adviser dude who's probably plotting some coup attempt that depends on Cate Blanchett keeping her stepdaughter away from the prince. There's a meet-cute in which the prince tries to mansplain hunting to animal rights activist Lady Rose/Cinderella, and she efficiently shuts him down. There's some romantic competition in the form of a Spanish princess in a fabulous mantilla. Oh, and did we mention that everybody wears super saturated colors except our heroine, who's always in pastels, and that Robb Stark's eyes are klieg-light blue?

One last thing we're ridiculously into: "I will protect the prince from you, no matter what becomes of me." Guys, you know what that means—calling in sick leaving work early March 13. Watch both teasers below. 

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