'SNL 40' Is Epic, Reveals Never-Before-Seen Audition Tapes and Betty White Making Out with Bradley Cooper

Catch the can't-miss clips.

Betty White & Bradley Cooper Kissing
(Image credit: Saturday Night Live)

Last night's SNL 40 anniversary special (which, yes, though celebrating a show that airs on Saturdays, took place on a Sunday) was so packed with celebrities and tributes that it had to run for three and a half hours just to fit everything in.

And it delivered. There were star-packed live segments and sweet homages, tons of inside jokes, and musical interludes from Kanye, Miley, Paul Simon, and Paul McCartney (though no Backstreet Boys and/or N'Sync reunions, it must be [sadly] noted). 

Here, the highlights:

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's Amazing Cold Open

We could watch this all day. So in-sync. (See what we did there?)

Never-Before-Seen Audition Tapes

Some of these are YouTube classics (Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey), but lots of what SNL aired last night is new to us—and includes stars who didn't actually make the cut. Like a beardless (!) Zach Galifianakis. 

Betty White, Taylor Swift, and Bradley Cooper Guesting in "The Californians"

So much star power, and Betty White manages to top 'em all. 

An Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler Homage to "Breaking"

Sometimes the best part of SNL is when the performers just can't keep it together. Which, according to Samberg and Sandler, is how they save a dying sketch.

Maya Rudolph Brings Back Beyoncé

Complete with requisite wind machine. 

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