So, Um, 'The Craft' Is Getting a Remake

Can we just make some new movies instead?
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We have a lot of mixed feelings about this, but, more importantly, we have one question: Why? Cult favorite (heh) The Craft is getting a remake. The 1996 film, which starred Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True, will be reimagined by Sony and up-and-coming horror director/writer Leigh Janiak, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And while we're all for getting more female directors behind the cameras for big studio films (seriously amazing, Janiak), like any true fan, we have to wonder how they'll reinterpret the classic into something new. Will they mess with everything we love? Will it even come close to the original premise? Who the hell is going to top Fairuza Balk as Nancy? (Answer: no one.)


Manon, we invoke thee. Please don't let them screw this up.

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