Hands-Down Best Thing You'll See Today: Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington Singing 'GoT: The Musical'

"Rastafarian Targaryen." That's all.

In another Red Nose Day triumph, Coldplay announced that it had written an entire Game of Thrones musical starring the original cast and including songs such as "Wildling," "Rastafarian Targaryen," and a gruesome ditty about the Red Wedding.

Too bad it is fake—though fake for charity!—because the internet would pay good money to see Jon Snow twirling a microphone on Broadway or off-off-Broadway or just in a video shot with an old Nokia. Other things we'd gladly pay to see: Jaime Lannister's ballad about his effed-up family tree, Tyrion's Motown tribute, and, duh, Daenerys's reggae number.

"Bang, curtains, Tony Award." Right on, Chris Martin. Right on.