Details About the First New 'Game of Thrones' Battle Scene Have Leaked, and It's Going to Be Epic

Paging Dr. Drogon.

Never mind gay Jon Snow—it's all about the fire (in both senses of the word) battle scene fans are piecing together from clues trickling out of the set. 

The last time we saw Daenerys, she was in a tight spot as a bunch of Dothraki horsemen rode around in her concentric circles making whooping noises/plans to carry her off somewhere. According to the Huffington Postworld's sexiest woman Emilia Clarke has been spotted with a ton of actors wearing Dothraki-ish costumes, which does seem to support the theory that she'll be taken to their territory, possibly the holy city Vaes Dothrak (TO JOIN THE DOSH KHALEEN COUGH COUGH). 

Too bad Drogon might barge in and burn…something to a crisp, as seen in this photo James Costos, the American ambassador to Spain, took when he visited the set.

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