Adele Is Sorry She Hasn't Given You Any New Music in a Really Long Time, Wants to Make It Up to You

After reading this heartfelt letter, we *guess* we'll forgive her.

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Knowing what she's put us through in the past 4.5 years, Adele has come forward to apologize for the fact that she hasn't given us any new music to obsess over. And, because she's Adele, her apology was classy AF.

The songstress posted a deeply personal letter to Twitter earlier today, getting candid about the soul-searching she's done since her last record, as well as confirming that a new album, 25, is on the way.

"My last record was a break-up record and if I had to label this one I would call it a make-up record," she wrote. "I'm making up with myself. Making up for lost time."

Her note follows the release of a 30-second teaser for her new single, which affirms what we already know: 25 will be more than worth the wait.

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