You Can Now Study 'Game of Thrones' in School Because Culture

BRB, re-enrolling.

Back in my day, the only dragons we had were always being slaughtered in stained-glass windows or etchings or something. But now, whippersnappers at the University of British Columbia get to earn credit for reading George R.R. Martin/watching the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones before they went completely off-book. Lucky ducks.

According to Digital Spy, UBC students taking the course "Our Modern Medieval: The Song of Ice and Fire as Contemporary Medievalism" will investigate "how the medieval is reimagined in our current moment" and "what [Martin's works] tell us about our own moment."

First, it tells us giant fire-breathing lizards would be welcomed everywhere, except maybe California right now. Second, I am moving to Canada to audit this. Who's with me?

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