Turning 30? This "Hello" Parody Is Exactly What You Need to Hear

"By now you should have two kids and a car, but hell no, just tell me how much French Bulldogs are."

Too real. Chanel Carroll has done viral parodies about her addiction to Serial and paying Sallie Mae, but this might just be the best one yet—a parody of Adele's "Hello" about turning 30. 

"Hello, Chuck E. Cheese, I would like to book a party for tomorrow. It's my birthday. I'm turing 30. What do you mean it's 12 and under?" Carroll begins before touching on everything from talking to your mom and feeling like a child to the expectations everyone has for someone who is three decades old. 

"By now I'm supposed to save for a home, but I'd rather save for a vacation to Rome." We *told* you this was real.

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