It's Handled: Hillary Clinton Visited the Set of 'Scandal'

See you never, President Fitz.

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Important political news: Hillary Clinton just took some time out of her schedule to stand in the sun with Olivia Pope (that was a Scandal joke, FYI). The presidential hopeful visited the set of ABC's soapy political drama, and it appears as though she was there for literally no other reason than getting her fan on.

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Variety (opens in new tab) confirms that Hillary will not make an appearance on the show, and will instead spent her time on set chatting with the cast, inspiring everyone to tweet #imwithher, and making us deeply confused about whether she's Team Fitz or Team Jake.

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Look at how much fun she's having, guys. Like a child at Christmas, only Santa Claus is Shonda Rhimes, and instead of presents, she's getting pantsuits. 

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Mehera Bonner
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