That Feeling When You Notice Daenerys Has Been Styling Her Hair Like Khal Drogo This Whole Time

Damn, 'Game of Thrones' beauty department.

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At this point, witnessing the internet decipher clues in Game of Thrones is almost as much fun as the show itself, and a true genius on Reddit (opens in new tab) recently noticed that Daenerys has been casually styling her hair like that of her late lover Khal Drogo without any of us noticing.

In case you've forgotten, back in Season One we learned that Khal Drogo wears his hair in a long ponytail/braid to represent all his undefeated battles. Which, incidentally, is why it's so long—because he was a total badass.

And now Daenerys has started to do the same thing.

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(Image credit: Reddit)

The queen has been wearing her hair in an super long braid of late—potentially a) as a shoutout to Khal Drogo, and b) as representation of all the battles she's won. Though now that one of her dragons is a zombie, a cut might be in order. Just saying.


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