Will 'True Story' Have a Season 2?

The future of the Netflix limited series is up in the air.

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What would you do to save the success you've worked for? Netflix's latest hit True Story follows comedian Kevin Hart, playing a character inspired by his own life, as he gets wrapped up into a murder cover-up with the help of his brother, played by Wesley Snipes. Viewers have loved Hart and Snipes' dramatic performances and the roller coaster ride of a plot, provided by Narcos: Mexico creator Eric Newman.

Fans have also been wondering whether we'll get a second season of the hit thriller, which is billed as a limited series. Here's everything we know so far about a possible True Story season 2.

How did season 1 of 'True Story' end?

Spoilers for True Story ahead. The twisted crimes of True Story end up mostly solved by the end of the finale, thanks to several dead bodies. After discovering that Daphne's "death" was a plot by Carlton to extort money, the brothers end up cornered by goons Savvas and Nikos at a Philadelphia 76ers game. Carlton confesses to the plot, and even tries to get the mobsters to spare Kid, but it doesn't seem like both of the brothers will live.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Kid has a gun, and he kills Savvas and Nikos. While Carlton's forming a plan to get him and Kid out of trouble, Kid turns the gun on his own brother. He kills Carlton and sets up the crime scene so it looks like the mobsters killed Carlton. Kid gets off scot free, with the cops assuming that he killed the Savvas and Nikos out of self defense.

With the three men's deaths (and Daphne a.k.a. Simone getting shot by the mobsters earlier in the episode), the only man standing who knows the truth about everything is Kid. The comedian ends up giving his fake confession to his manager Todd and his bodyguard Herschel, but Herschel overheard the truth at the Sixers game. He blackmails Kid, demanding six million dollars, and Kid negotiates the money out of the contract for his upcoming superhero sequel. The series ends with a full circle moment, where Kid gives the same speech that started off the first episode.

What could season 2 of 'True Story' be about?

By the end of season 1, all of the plot lines have been wrapped up. Everyone directly involved with the murders, except Kid, is dead, and he's set up the blackmail payment for Herschel. With even Carlton dead, it's assumed that Kid's life will be smooth sailing from now on, minus the guilt from killing his own brother.

True Story is billed as a limited series, and the seven episodes tell a complete story. However, seeing that it's a Netflix hit, there's always a possibility that the thriller could be renewed for a new season. If so, Kid's past misdeeds and his brother's death may come back to haunt him.

What have the cast and crew said about 'True Story' season 2?

Neither Kevin Hart nor the show's creator Eric Newman has spilled any details on a possible season 2 so far. However, Newman has given some insight on what Kid's character would do after the final scene, which saw the comedian giving an interview on Don Lemon's CNN show. Newman told Decider that Kid would probably spin his involvement in the murders into a sympathetic media tour, all the while covering up him killing Carlton.

“[Kid] was always going to exploit it as part of his story,” Newman said. “That was the thing for me as someone who’s been in the business for a minute, I’ve seen the exploitation of tragedy a million times, and I don’t even judge it at this point. But in the case of Kid, this is going to be good for him. And not just because he’s come to terms with his relationship with his brother and gotten some truth there, but he’s going to sell a lot of tickets. He’s going to go on some victory lap. He’s going to go on Oprah. He’s on Don Lemon at the end of the show talking about this loss. And yes, there’s a loss. Clearly he was betrayed by his brother but there’s something deeply narcissistic about our ending, you know? I love it.”

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