Are 'Perfect Match' Stars Tolú Ekundare and Chris Hahn Still Dating?

We're breaking down whether the Netflix reality show's "most unlikely couple" lasted once cameras stopped rolling.

Chris Hahn, Tolu Ekundare in episode 207 of Perfect Match.
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Spoilers for all episodes of Perfect Match season 2 ahead. Anyone who's watched a dating show like Netflix's smash hit reality series Perfect Match knows there are both pluses and minuses for potentially becoming a cast member. One of the big positives (at least for those with pure intentions) is the chance to connect with people you likely wouldn't meet in real life; a prime Perfect Match season 2 example is the self-proclaimed "most unlikely couple" Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare.

The Dated & Related and The Trust: A Game of Greed alums have become one of the surprise pairings of the season, up there with Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter—and these two seemed to especially have a good chance of being declared the show's strongest couple on the June 21 finale. Now that the finale is out, of course, fans are also wondering whether their romance continued outside of the villa. Read on for everything we know about the couple so far.

Tolu Ekundare, Chris Hahn in episode 206 of Perfect Match.

Tolú Ekundare and Chris Hahn share a sweet moment in Perfect Match season 2.

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What happened between Tolú and Chris on 'Perfect Match' season 2?

Tolú and Chris had a long, winding road until they found each other on Perfect Match season 2. Tolú was one of the first cast members to enter the villa, and she had little luck. She was matched with Love Is Blind alum Izzy Zapata and Perfect Match season 1 winner Dom Gabriel, but neither match had a romantic spark. Meanwhile, Chris arrived in episode 2 and entered the house after pairing with Too Hot to Handle alum Dominique Defoe. After the two didn't work out, he entered a platonic match with his friend Elys Hutchinson.

Everything changed in episode 5 when Chris boldly moved to telegraph his interest in Tolú. During a game of truth or dare, he brought out his former stripper-persona Axel Stone and gave Tolú a lap dance in front of everyone, including The Ultimatum's Jake Cunningham, who Tolú had brought in for a date. (There is a fair question about the timing of Chris showing his interest since it was likely that he'd be sent home that night, but all's fair in love and war?) Tolú appreciated the effort, and she decided to match with Chris that night.

Tolu Ekundare, Chris Hahn in episode 206 of Perfect Match.

Tolú Ekundare and Chris Hahn do a compatibility challenge in Perfect Match season 2.

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It only took one episode for the new pairing to be tested, when Chris was sent on a date with a familiar face, Dated & Related's host Melinda Berry. Chris even admitted that he'd had a crush on Melinda when there had been a line between them as cast member and host on the previous show, but the pair had good chemistry on their date. However, Chris decided he wanted to pursue what he had with Tolú instead, and told her that their relationship felt more real.

Then came the ultimate test of commitment: the gender-separated parties. During the soirée—which gives coupled-up participants the chance to chat with all the other singles while their matches aren't around—Tolú was innocent at the girls' day. Chris, on the other hand, used the boys' day to catch up with Xanthi Perdikomatis, whom he'd been interested in back when they were both in the house. (Remember that awkward moment when he gathered Dominique and Xanthi to tell them he was pairing with Elys, even though he hadn't even matched with Xanthi?) Chris admitted to Xanthi that, since he paired with Tolú, he felt "guilty of not exploring more" connections. He said, "My relationship with Tolú isn't as strong as I perceived it to be."

The next day, all the singles came to the villa to spill the tea on boys' day (and theoretically girls' day), and Xanthi immediately told Tolú about Chris' comments. When confronted by Tolú and Xanthi, Chris denied everything (despite being recorded), leaving Tolú confused.

Tolu Ekundare, Chris Hahn in episode 209 of Perfect Match.

Tolú comforts Chris during his tearful apology in Perfect Match season 2.

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Tolú explained that she felt hurt by the possibility that he would consider her as his backup option. But at the end of the night, a tearful Chris apologized to Tolú and told her that she shouldn't pair with him just because he was crying. A vulnerable Tolú told him she wanted to be with someone who liked her back, and Chris insisted that his feelings for her were real. And with that, they matched, heading into the final episode a bit shaky but still together.

Episode 10 begins with a compatibility challenge where the couples must answer questions about each other to get planks to construct a bridge. Chris and Tolú win the most planks and the relay across the assembled bridges, though Stevan and Alara are a split-second behind them. During the date, held at a beer spa, they discuss what's become the elephant in the room of their relationship: Chris's 100+ body count. Tolú is concerned, as she's on the lower end, but Chris says that he hasn't cheated during the three committed relationships that he's been in. After matching again, they go on their final date (horseback riding and a fun netted treehouse!) and discuss navigating a long-distance relationship, with Chris living in California and Tolú in Texas.

At both the date and the final all-cast meeting, Chris and Tolú gush over their genuine connection after starting as friends, with Tolú adding that he's made her feel "wanted and beautiful." Chris also assures that he wants to continue their relationship after the show, but when they face the grilling of the other contestants, Love Is Blind's Trevor Sova points out that it's weird that Chris said he wants to “stay in contact” with Tolú, while Tolú seems more committed. (Remember Trevor's Love Is Blind journey?) Dominique and Melinda also share their doubts, with the former pointing out Chris's inconsistencies. While Chris and Tolú aren't the winners of Perfect Match season 2, Tolú says "with 100 percent sincerity" that she's found her perfect match.

jessica harry tolu and chris sitting on a couch in perfect match season 2

Jessica Vestal, Harry Jowsy, Tolú Ekundare, and Chris Hahn sit on a couch together in Perfect Match season 2.

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Are Tolú and Chris still together after 'Perfect Match' season 2?

We may have been rooting for this surprise pairing, but sadly their relationship didn't stand the test of time. Shortly after the finale aired, PEOPLE confirmed that the two had broken things off.

In a post-show interview with Netflix's Tudum, Tolú revealed that she's unapologetic about her split from Chris. “There were ups and downs with my experience with Chris in the house,” she told the outlet. “I don’t regret it. I learned a lot about myself, what I want in a relationship, and what I will never settle for in a partner. So fortunately for me, our relationship did not go past Mexico.”

Though she didn't share any additional details with Tudum, in a different video interview with Netflix, she hinted that she saw a different side to Chris once the show finished filming. "I feel like the curtains opened, and you saw the man behind the curtain," Tolú explained. "I didn't like the man behind the curtain. So respectfully, I stayed away. I think that's the nicest way to put it."

She later addressed Chris directly: "At the end of the day, Chris, you're probably gonna look back at this and realize you fumbled [not just the bag]. It's giving suitcase. It's giving excess luggage. And I hate that for you, but I love that for me."

Chris also gave his side of the story in the post-finale on-camera confessional. He admitted that losing contact with Tolú after filming ceased "kind of sucked."

He said, "Apparently, she heard some negative feedback from my side of things, which is kind of annoying because she didn't really trust what I was saying about everything. She kind of just listened to everyone else."

Chris also explained that they came to a "mutual decision that long distance was probably not gonna work out for us."

As for whether they'd ever rekindle their relationship (especially since they are now both based in Los Angeles), Tolú told Tudum, “My relationship with Chris as of current is non-existent and I intend to keep it that way.”

Instead, she shared that she's currently single and interested in mingling with new people in L.A. "I’m re-falling in love with myself, the baddest bitch that I know," Tolú said.

Even though they've gone their separate ways, Chris has also spoken out about his experience on the show—and how highly he thinks of his former match—online. Throughout the season, he commented on episodes as they were released, including everything from his decision to match with Elys (and the awkward talk with Dominique and Xanthi afterward) to his and Harry's crass discussion about their genitals early in the season. (We're still trying to scrub that moment out of our memories.)

In one TikTok, Chris addresses claims that his interest in Tolú during filming came out of nowhere, saying that he interacted with Tolú in a lot of footage that did not make it to air (including how the pair regularly washed the dishes together). He shares that his interest in her built over time and that reality TV doesn't show viewers every moment filmed (which is fair). He has also had only great things to say about Tolú both in clips and in the comments.


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Tolú has also playfully commented on their relationship and other moments in the show on social media. In one telling TikTok, she has an exasperated look under a caption that reads, "When you end up comforting the person who wronged you." Though she doesn't identify what she's referring to in the video, she did reply to the top comment, which guesses that it was a reference to Chris's apology after the boys' beach day.

After the fan replied, "When Chris was crying cuz he thought he was going home and you went to comfort him," Tolú responded, "Smh I’m a sucker for tears," adding a face-palm emoji.


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While they may have called things off, Chris and Tolú seem to remain in touch in some capacity. The two follow each other on Instagram, and they've shared content featuring one another following the show's filming (including videos from other reality TV events). So while they may not have gone from the show's most unlikely couple to its most successful, at least their relationship has evolved into an unlikely friendship.

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