Are Seul-ki and Jong-woo Still Together After 'Single's Inferno' Season 2?

Season 2's most devoted contestant got the girl in the end!

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Spoilers for Single's Inferno season 2 ahead. Single's Inferno, South Korea's answer to reality dating, has come to a close, with three couples leaving paradise together. From the beginning of the Netflix hit, Shin Seul-ki was the most popular woman among the season 2 cast. She had several suitors throughout her time on the show, but male contestant Choi Jong-woo was always at her side even as she explored other connections. Jong-woo finally got his chance to show her his true self in this week's two-episode finale, and his steadfast love ultimately won her away from bad boy Jin-young. 

What are Seul-ki and Jong-woo's ages and jobs?

One of the most intriguing parts about the Inferno half of the hit reality show is that the contestants can't share their ages or occupations. Instead, they just have to make connections based on their charms and personality (which means even more considering how much jobs factor into South Korean dating culture). The cast can only learn each other's personal info when they make it to Paradise as a couple.

Seul-ki's one of the first contestants to go to Paradise, so we quickly learn that she's a piano major at Seoul National University (which is basically South Korea's equivalent to Harvard). She's 25 in Korean age, and she's a former winner of the Miss Chunhyang pageant, which celebrates traditional beauty in Korea.

Jong-woo's profession becomes one of the mysteries of the season, but we eventually learn in Episode 9 that he works as a barista at a family-owned café. His coffee shop is located in Gangwon-do and is well-known for it's super sweet corn coffee, with Seul-ki actually recognizing the place from Instagram. He's also the same age as Seul-ki, at 25.

What happened between Seul-ki and Jong-woo on Single's Inferno 2?

Over the first half of the season, Jong-woo remained loyal and respectful towards Seul-ki and tried to spend as much time with her in Inferno as possible. Initially, the university student explored her connections with surgeon Dong-woo and veteran Jin-young, and a love triangle eventually formed between Seul-ki, Jin-young, and Jong-woo. The barista finally got his chance to choose her for the final trip to Paradise, after coming second place in an intense wrestling match ahead of Jin-young. During their date, the barista got the chance to charm Seul-ki; she seemed to like that they were the same age, and she even recognized the cafe where he works. When she got back to Inferno, Jin-young remained coy about his feelings, while Jong-woo was always clear that he liked her from the start.

On the final day in Inferno, Seul-ki had three suitors: Dong-woo, who said that Seul-ki was the only one who made his heart race; Jin-young, who was admittedly bad about expressing his feelings; and Jong-woo, who followed his heart thinking she may not choose him anyway. In the end, she thanked Jong-woo for being sincere to her the whole time...and she chose to leave with him! 

"I feel that someone who’s like a friend and someone who makes me feel relaxed could be the person to whom I can finally show my real self," she said in her final confessional. "He always approached me first. So now, I want to tell him that I want to approach him first."

seul-ki and jong-woo from single's inferno 2

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Are Seul-ki and Jong-woo still together?

Though they haven't directly confirmed their relationship, Seul-ki and Jong-woo have at least made their friendship Instagram official! Jong-woo posted some adorable photo-booth stills on his account yesterday, where he and Seul-ki do some cute couple poses in cartoon hats. Besides this post, Seul-ki's Instagram mostly includes selfies and artistic shots, while Jong-woo has pictures of himself and some friends. Jong-woo also included a very cute pic of Seul-ki and So-e making a heart in his post reflecting on the show.

We actually received a big hint about the couple's status, courtesy of Netflix Korea's YouTube channel The Swoon. The channel has uploaded a two-part reunion special for the show, where the cast are watching Episodes 1-8 for the first time and sharing never-before-heard details about their time in Inferno. During the second half, both Seul-ki and Jong-woo watched the footage of Seul-ki's date with Jin-young for the first time, and they made interjections showing that they care a lot about each other will respond to what they see. 

We hear Jong-woo's opinion about the date first, as he says, "I'm glad they only held hands." Jokester Han-bin quickly cut the tension by pointing out that he was sat between Jong-woo and Jin-young "to keep them from fighting." The special then switched to the girls, and after Seul-ki reacted to the clip, she remembered that Jong-woo will watch it. "Look away, Jong-woo!" she says. We may be reading into this, but the reactions seem to be from a couple who want to protect their partners' opinions, rather than former flames.

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