'Physical: 100' Season 2: Everything We Know

The South Korean competition series will continue its search for the "perfect physique."

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Netflix's survival competition show Physical: 100 has become a can't-miss show for fans of series like Survivor, American Ninja Warrior, and the oft-compared Squid Game. The streaming giant's original series gathers 100 super-strong people—with the roster including national athletes, bodybuilders, MMA fighters, special forces soldiers, and fitness influencers among others—to compete in various challenges to see who has the "most perfect physique." Over the course of nine engrossing episodes, all available to stream as of Feb. 21, the fitness-obsessed men and women were eliminated until only one contestant remained, walking away with 300 million won (about $245,000 USD).

Though the series first made waves for its Squid Game-esque aesthetics and the celebs among the stacked cast, Physical: 100 has also gone viral for the great sportsmanship and camaraderie among the cast. As the intense challenges push the players' bodies to their limit, their fellow contestants will cheer each other on and root for each other out of respect for everyone's abilities. Even viewers who aren't sporty at all (guilty) can be drawn in by the good vibes and constant awe for everything the players' bodies can accomplish.

Fans are already calling for a second season of this new hit series, and luckily the production team seems very up for it as well. Read on for everything we know about a potential Physical: 100 season 2.

Has 'Physical: 100' been renewed for season 2?

Yes! Netflix announced the season 2 renewal last night, with creator Jang Ho-gi saying in a statement that the second season "will surpass its predecessor in every aspect."

"We are very grateful Physical: 100 received so much love from fans all across the globe, and we paid attention to all the comments and feedback," Jang said, per The Hollywood Reporter. "We decided to retain the essence of the show—finding the perfect physique—while introducing fresh elements. This is our way of expressing our gratitude to the fans of the show."

As for those new elements, Netflix plans to dramatically expand the show's epic set. The set used in the first season, which was the size of two soccer fields and included arenas ranging from sand wrestling pits to 2-ton shipwrecks, “will now be expanded to create an even larger universe to challenge the participants,” per the streamer.

"I’m honored to meet a lot of contestants whom I feel are overqualified. And I’m also collaborating with many experts to make sure we have even more electrifying and well-designed quests that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats," Jang added. "I give you my word that we will be back with an all-new season that’s got everything taken up a notch for our global fans."

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The final moments of the season 1 finale included a hint that the show's creative team, led by producer Jang Ho-gi, have high hopes for a second season. As the show's final shots displayed the representation of season 1's "most perfect physique," in the form of a plaster bust of winner Woo Jin-yong's torso, the show's voice-from-above narrator gave this cryptic statement:

"Various physiques exist in the world. Our search for the perfect physique will continue."

Based on season 1's ratings, the season 2 renewal was an "not if, but when" situation. Season 1 was the first unscripted show ever to hit No. 1 on Netflix’s Non-English TV list, and has remained in the Top 10 for the past month. Those numbers even surpass the widely popular Korean dating show Single's Inferno, which has already been picked up for a third season

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When will 'Physical: 100' season 2 come out?

Now that season 2 is renewed, the Physical: 100 team will likely start working on a new competition very soon. They'll have to make big decisions, such as whether they'll keep the same challenges or try to make a new game to keep contestants and viewers on their toes, plus there's the casting and the actual construction of the extravagant sets. Based off the schedule for Netflix's other Korean unscripted series Single's Inferno, which took a year to return for season 2, Physical: 100 season 2 could arrive in early 2024.

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