'Single's Inferno' Season 4: Everything We Know

More changes would likely be in store for the hit Korean dating show in its fourth year.

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If you're a reality fan who hasn't checked out Single's Inferno yet, now's the perfect time to get acquainted with South Korea's hit dating show. The season 3 finale landed on Netflix January 9, ending some of the most intense love triangles (and general romantic competition) in the series thus far. The latest installment also saw the show switch up its central concept, where hot young singles are placed onto a deserted island "Inferno" and have to keep their ages and jobs secret from their love interests. If they find a match, contestants can couple up and leave on a luxurious date in "Paradise," with the hopes of possibly dating in the real world.

The reality hit offers the type of slow burn romances that K-drama fans love, along with the fun challenges and charming stars that make for great reality TV. Fans are already clamoring for news of whether the show's final couples are still dating after filming, as well as when to expect another season. Read on for everything we know about a possible season 4 of Single's Inferno.

Has 'Single's Inferno' been renewed for season 4?

Yes! Netflix delivered the good news on January 23, 2024, announcing season 4's renewal on social media. The news comes just two weeks after the conclusion of season 3, which stayed firm in Netflix's Top 10 for Non-English TV throughout its five-week run, per the streamer's press release. Single's Inferno's now the first Netflix Korea unscripted series to be renewed for a fourth season.

"We will continue to do our best and make sure Season 4 is even more entertaining for you by paying closer attention to the fans’ feedback on Season 3, both positive and negative," said producer Kim Jae-won.

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Ahead of the renewal on January 11, 2024, the show's producers told Korea JoongAng Daily that the yet-to-be-confirmed new season would likely have another surprise format change (à la season 3's two Infernos).

"There are so many dating reality shows out there these days, but I think that Single’s Inferno has made a mark on the genre, and it could continue for many more seasons if we keep on striving to differentiate it and attempt new themes and tones," co-producer Kim Jung-hyun said. "What the next season would look like would be decided if and once it’s greenlit. At the moment, we are just so thankful for all the love this third season has received."

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When would 'Single's Inferno' season 4 come out?

Single's Inferno has earned a regular spot on Netflix's release calendar for the past three years. Each season has filmed in the summer and premiered on the streamer in mid-December, so barring any delays, we could expect season 4 to arrive at the end of 2024.

Who would be the hosts of 'Single's Inferno' season 4?

One question on the top of fans' minds are whether the show will add another new member to its host panel, a group of individuals who react to the show and share their real-time insights on scenes. Seasons 1 and 2 of the show were hosted by comedian Hong Jin-kyung, actress Lee Da-hee, Super Junior member Kyuhyun, and rapper Hanhae, with season 2 contestant Dex (a.k.a. Kim Jin-young) joining for season 3. After his debut on the show, Dex went on to appear in other shows (including Netflix's own Zombieverse) and he even later won an award as a rookie entertainer. Once he joined season 3, his experience as an Inferno member added a breath of fresh air to the host interludes. Whether another show alum joins the panel likely depends on their success outside of the show, but many fans are calling both for Dex's return in season 4 and for season 3's Yun Ha-jeong to be added to the panel.

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Could there be a 'Single's Inferno' spin-off?

Single's Inferno may become one of the first Korean dating shows to get the franchise treatment. In a January 15 interview with The Korean Herald, creator Kim Jae-won revealed that the show's producers are considering multiple possibilities for the series going forward, including a possible spin-off featuring the show's buzziest past contestants.

"Just imagining Dex and Lee Gwan-hee appearing together [in the same program] is already interesting," Kim told the outlet. "With such option in mind, we are considering various options -- including the idea that the possibility of spin-offs would be fun."

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