Where Was 'Wednesday' Filmed?

If you want to visit Nevermore, it's time to book a trip to Romania.

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Netflix's latest hit show Wednesday is a visual feast of gothic interiors, haunting forests, and small-town living. Based on the Addams Family, the super-hit (which is now Netflix's third most-popular English-language show ever) follows morose teenager Wednesday Addams as she matriculates at a brand new school. After getting expelled for an unfortunate incident involving some swimmers and some piranhas, Wednesday is sent to a boarding school for outcasts: Nevermore Academy, a castle sitting in the middle of a forest near the quaint normie town of Jericho, Vermont.

To film the spooky, Gothic series to the standards set by the iconic Addams characters, the show and its cast traveled to Romania, filming in several ornate locations around the European country.

'Wednesday' Filming Locations

The eight-episode first season of Wednesday was filmed primarily in Bucharest, Romania, including 70 sets across six sound stages and various locations around the city. Director Tim Burton, who helmed the first four episodes of the show, said in a press brief, "It was amazing to come here to Romania because it just weirdly fit into the Addams Family world. Trying to make Romania look like Vermont was an interesting challenge, but we felt like we found lots of new locations."

Here are some of the many locations used in the series, courtesy of Netflix Romania:

Nevermore Academy

The stand-in for the exterior of Nevermore Academy is the Cantacuzino Castle, located in Bușteni, Romania in the Carpathian Mountains. The castle was built in 1911 in the Neo-Romanian style, and served as the summer home of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, former Prime Minster of Romania, until the 1930s. After World War II, it was owned for a time by the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs and eventually it was restored and opened to the public. For anyone hoping to visit, the castle has daily visiting hours that allow you to tour the building, its art gallery, and an adjacent sculpture garden.

still of Cantacuzino Castle

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The castle was not used for the interiors of Nevermore, but the production found  other Romanian landmarks to give the school its gothic aesthetic. Some of the historic buildings used for the interior include Palatul Monteoru and Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu, both located in Bucharest.

The academy's gorgeous greenhouse will also require a separate trip. Those scenes were filmed in the Gradina Botanica Dimitrie Brândza, or the Bucharest Botanical Garden. The garden—which was established in 1860 and is named after its founder, Dimitrie Brândza—is located in the Cotroceni neighborhood of the city and covers nearly 45 acres.

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Though there is a real-life Jericho, Vermont, the entire Wednesday town was built for the show at Bucharest Film Studios, also known as Buftea Studios. That includes the town square, Pilgrim World, and the sheriff's house. In addition to the sets, some exteriors near Nevermore were set on location. For example, the train station scenes were filmed at Gara Regala, the station of the mountain town Sinaia in the Bușteni region. As for those gorgeous lake scenes, the Poe Cup was filmed across two lakes in Romania called Brănești and Sterbei.

where was wednesday filmed

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