10 Ways to Know You're In Love with Your Jeans

It's emotional.

AG Jeans Staff

"You know I'm in love with my jeans because their "designated spot" has shifted from the closet to strewn across the chair. They rarely get put away and often get loved and worn." -Emily Kolberg, Digital Media Coordinator

"I'm in love with my Dylan (AG-Men's skinny). Because Dylan is my actual boyfriend!" -Jazmin Kim, Senior Women's Bottoms Designer

"The reason I love my jeans is because my favorite pair and I have been through thick & thin (literally), heaven & hell (figuratively) and the both of us have come out the better for it. At this point we are family. A very odd family." -Alex Dimitrijevic, AG Green Label Designer

"Whether it's your favorite pair of denim jeans or a shirt or a denim jacket, the more wear it, you'll see it take on a life of its own over time as it fades, rips and molds to you- it kind of becomes reflection of your personality, and I love that about denim." -Erin Beaudoin, Design Assistant


"I love my jeans because of how versatile they are. Living in LA, you can get away with wearing jeans virtually anywhere- my black Legging Ankle's create the perfect base for being dressy or casual." -Julie Brigati, PR/Marketing Coordinator

"On any given day, the denim I'm wearing is a reflection of my mood. And I'm a woman of many moods, so it's only natural that I'm also a woman of many jeans." -Michelle Williamson, Copywriter

"It's probably no surprise that my obsession with Bob Dylan, somehow managed to find a connection with another obsession of mine…denim. Pretty much the only thing that changes in my daily wardrobe is what I wear on top – my 'Dylan's' are a constant. I think what I love most about denim, is that besides leather, it's the only material that just gets better with time – the characteristics and details that develop are truly one of a kind and you're the only person that could have created them." -Johnathan Crocker, Director of Global Communications

"I'm in love with my jeans because they stay with you forever- like a fine wine they get better with AGe." -Sandy Oh, Specialty Women's Dress & Tops Designer

Sandy and Emily

"When I only have a short time to pack for a trip, they are the first thing I throw in my bag. I know that everything else is just an accessory to my jeans. THEY are what I want people to notice." -Nathaniel Freeman, Men's Bottoms Designer


"I love denim because I can wear them everywhere! I love them because I can run errands but I can also slip them on to meet my girls out for dinner. As long as you have a pair of great fitting jeans and your hair is done you'll look put together." -Sera Kelejian, Visual Merchandiser

Photos via Trisha Angeles

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