What We're Craving Right Now

The Ray and the Ro share what they desperately want to add to their closets.

The ultimate curse of fashion blogging is wanting everything you post. Our wishlists get longer, and our wallets emptier, but lets face it: we will never stop craving new pieces to add to our wardrobes! Wishlists are to The Ray and The Ro what Karl is to Chanel, and here we bring you our favorite must-haves this month. With winter on its way out, it only feels right to start our spring cleaning, and by spring cleaning, we mean tossing our wardrobes, and trading them in for a new ones.

The Ray's Most Wanted Item: An oldie-but-goodie, Balenciaga totes just get better with wear and tear. I love this taupe color for an easy transition to spring. But, since I'm on a tight budget right now, that beautiful baby will have to stay firmly in the "wish" part of my list. I'm more likely to purchase Kanebo's lovely yet difficult to find foundation for a flawless finish. (It's Lauren Conrad's fav).

spring wishlist and woman with shopping bags

(Image credit: Archives)

1. Kanebo Sensai Fluid Finish Foundation (opens in new tab), $50 2. Nixon Spur Watch (opens in new tab), $300 3. Weekday Peak Blouse (opens in new tab), $53 4. Helmut Lang Leather Front Skinny Jeans (opens in new tab), $495 5. K/LLER Lateral Quill Earrings (opens in new tab), $132 6. Balenciaga Classic City Bag (opens in new tab), $1,545

The Ro's Most Wanted Item: Now don't get me wrong, I love dressing up more then the next blogger girl, but we all have our lazy days. For those days (ahem, weekends), there would be nothing cozier than that Rodarte "Rohearte" sweatshirt. It's so chic and comfy-looking, and I would make it my own by adding Topshop's cream scarf.

1.Givenchy Antigona Envelope Clutch (opens in new tab), $1,280 2. Rodarte "Rohearte" Text Sweater (opens in new tab), $155 3. Topshop Cream Tassel Print Scarf (opens in new tab), $32 4. Lanvin Puzzle Wedge Pump (opens in new tab), $1,550 5. Barton Perreira Joplin Sunglasses (opens in new tab), $480

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