Rachel Zoe on How to (Basically) Wear Your Pajamas to Work

Take the comfiest thing you own. Now imagine it being endorsed by an A-list stylist. You're welcome.

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Escaping the fall chill (and a late night at the office) to meet Rachel Zoe at the Edition Hotel, I had one question on the brain: How can you get away with wearing the warmest/comfiest things you own to the office? Not just for my sake but for *all* of us?

A perfect question for Zoe, given that she is not only Celebrity Stylist Supreme but also just collaborated with UGG, whose sheepskin classics made us all believe in heaven. And while you may be an UGG naysayer, the brand has come a long way in terms of style (which Zoe helped with this time around, by styling their fall collection), but has never sacrificed the coziness they're known for. And now, they've reimagined their classic boot to be even chicer—with a slimmer, sleeker silhouette. So we got down to it...

The classic slim gets a chic upgrade with a vest and structured bag.
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Marie Claire: It's now that time where you don't want to leave your bed because it's so cozy, but you have to get dressed for work. How can you make sure you're still office appropriate, but also the comfiest you can be?

Rachel Zoe: I feel like that's the whole reason that UGG exists! So you can still look good but be comfortable but don't have to switch out your shoes, because that's the worst. And now, with the new classic slim, one has a wedge and kind of gives you a lift that makes things feel a little more refined. So I say wear that big, oversized sweater—that big cowl neck or whatever—with a yummy coat...wear your leather leggings, wear your skinny jeans, whatever it is, and put on your black classic slim boots or whichever color you choose. Some people like to wear them fully up to mid-calf, but I like to roll them down a lot, just because I think it makes your leg look a little longer and I'm not 5'10", but I feel like whatever your personal preference is. And finish off the look. You can totally get away with that.

MC: Is there anything you would recommend *not* wearing to the office?

RZ: Do not wear exercise clothes to the office. No athleisure. I mean if you work in a gym, of course, wear your exercise clothes. But you know, as a rule, exercise clothes are for exercising. 

MC: Is there any accessory that always elevates an outfit?

RZ: A great handbag across your body can cover a not-so-interesting outfit any day. A great statement piece of jewelry. A great neck scarf just adds something special and a pop of color to a white shirt and jeans. And a hat can definitely help—though, obviously, use your instinct for that. You don't want to be awkwardly sitting in a small space with a big, fedora-like hat. That's not really appropriate.

A hat can pull any outfit together.
Justin Coit

MC: And is there anything that—left to the last minute—can instantly help make an outfit look more professional? Anything beauty-wise?

RZ: A lip. And it doesn't have to be a red lip. It can be a berry stain, it can be a really pretty, natural blush, but don't have nothing on your lips. Even if it's just a lip balm—there's nothing less attractive than dry lips in winter. Just sayin', that's not chic. 

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