This Super Fan Re-Created Taylor Swift's Tour Outfit From Scratch

Her sewing skills are A+.

Taylor Swift 2009
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Recently, one of Taylor Swift’s fans went above and beyond to honor the singer—and the result was priceless. Lotte, who goes by the Twitter username @teatimetay13, decided to re-create one of Taylor's costumes from her Fearless tour, specifically, the marching band ensemble, and she shared a step-by-step process of the DIY look on Twitter. The post, which has received over 1.1k likes, makes Lotte the number 1 Swiftie in my book. Read on to see some highlights from her creation process.

Lotte began with this announcement:

She laid out the pieces she needed for the outfit:

Here are shots of the collar, sleeve, and jacket details:

Presumably, Lotte's grandma was there for moral support:

Lotte (who kind of looks like Taylor Swift herself) tried on the jacket:

She added some finishing touches a.k.a. sequins (a Taylor signature) to the look:

And posted pics of the look coming together:

There was a skirt portion too:

The completed outfit:

Lotte, this is amazing. Taylor, if you need a new costume designer, you know who to call.

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