Jamie Foxx Got Katie Holmes Hooked on This Unisex Jewelry Brand

Ariel Neman founded Regime New York when he was 19 years old. Now three years after he launched his brand, he has a devout celebrity following from the likes of Jamie Foxx, Nick Jonas, Hailey Baldwin, and Wiz Khalifa. Here, he shares his story with MarieClaire.com.

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At 19, Ariel Neman had lofty goals. Without any experience or formal training, the New Yorker wanted to create his own jewelry line. Most people would have backed down from the challenge, or at least waited a few years. Neman didn't.

"I had a passion for fashion, and I thought jewelry was the perfect way for me to express my creativity," he says now about the creation of Regime New York. "I saw that designers were creating jewelry for men or women, but not really tapping into the unisex angle. There are people who do it, but I thought, I could do this better."

Now three years later, Neman and his team create bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pins in Regime's NYC showroom and sells them online, or to retailers like Urban Outfitters. The accessories, beloved by Katie Holmes and beau Jamie Foxx, are all handmade from brass and steel, with the exception of his coin pieces (the vintage coins are sourced abroad from Europe and the Middle East).

Every piece is designed to suit both men and women. Jewelry prices range from $98 for a gold-plated brass bracelet to $178 for a coin ring.

"The hardest part about designing a unisex line is: Where do I draw the line between something that is too masculine or too feminine? I try to find that balance in terms of the materials I use," Neman explains. "Women, generally, don't want to wear something heavy, so we use certain metals to cater to that. At the same time, we make sure our designs don't skew too much to either side."

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Don't expect Regime accessories to fall into that minimalist "simple gold band" category, either. The brand offers one-of-a-kind pieces like a zipper cuff, a coiled bracelet, and a Queen Elizabeth coin necklace. Neman's jewelry has an edge to it, but appeals to a wide range of customers.

Neman's celebrity clientele includes Nick Jonas, Jamie Foxx, Winnie Harlow, and Katie Holmes. As a testament to Regime New York's unisex approach, Neman notes that Holmes was actually introduced to the line by Foxx.

"They were here one summer and I went up to his hotel room to show him my collection," Neman says. "He loved one bracelet in particular, and picked out some pieces for his children. We had a natural connection, and talked about the NBA finals, music...He's a great guy who loves to make you feel comfortable and make sure you had the best time being around him."

Through Foxx, Holmes found out about Regime New York and requested to check out Neman's bracelets. "Katie came with a friend to the showroom and there was that organic connection again," Neman remembers. "She picked out this one bracelet and loved it. It was chic and elegant. She described it as 'something she would every day.'" (The piece, as of this writing, is still available to shop on Neman's website.)

"I want everyone to have the chance to wear my stuff. That is my end goal," Neman says. "When I started Regime New York, I wasn’t focused on the money. I wanted to make a statement in fashion."

It's safe to say that Neman, who's now 22 years old, did just that.

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