Kate Middleton Just Wore the Most Perfect Work-Appropriate Look

This morning, Kate Middleton is attending the "Mental Health in Education" conference. And she just stepped out in a gorgeous blue, double-breasted tweed suit, giving major work inspiration for our next big event.

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We've been blessed with SO many royal engagements in 2019! This morning, Kate Middleton is attending the Royal Foundation’s "Mental Health in Education" conference. And she just stepped out in a gorgeous black and white, double-breasted tweed suit, giving me major work inspiration for my next big event (I work from home, but STILL).

Kate arrived without a coat, looking warm and picture-perfect as she stepped out of the car for the outing. Her hair, as it often is, was down and curly in soft waves. So far, what we have for the outfit IDs are that the jacket and matching skirt are either bespoke Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana (and potentially a new outfit for the duchess), per the British press, the black shoes are from Tod's, her black envelope clutch is by Mulberry, and her earrings are Kiki McDonough.

Even though tweed can sometimes look stuffy, Kate added high, pointed heels, which, combined with the frayed edges of the skirt and jacket, gave the outfit a more modern and updated feel.

The conference will discuss mental health issues in schools. That's a cause that Kate and William particularly focus on, and have been prioritizing in the past few weeks.

Here's a video of the outfit in action:

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And here are pictures of the full outfit:

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Aaand a closeup of her clutch (look at how her suit complements her ring!):

Later this evening, Kate will be attending a gala for Mentally Healthy Schools at the V&A Museum in London, so here's hoping she stuns just as much as that gorgeous white BAFTAs dress.

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