Miley Cyrus Wore a Maison Martin Magiela Gown Made Entirely of Vinyl Records

It looks stunning. Also, a bit pointy.

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Miley Cyrus, singer and style maven, combined two of her passions in one Instagram post: She's wearing a dress literally made out of pieces of vinyl records, and it's incredible. Photographers Albert Sanchez and Pedro Zalba (together, SanchezZalba) had the scoop on why, and we have every image from Instagram.

The dress is by Maison Martin Magiela, and it's over a decade old, first used for the 2008 “Artisanale” Couture Collection. SanchezZalba explains that the dress "is composed of a crepe de chine base decorated with gradated 35 and 45 rpm vinyl singles and albums, that have been cut, then molded to the body while still warm. Can you identify any musicians or songs? We can spot “Don’t talk to me of love” by Barry Manilow and Mirielle Mathieu on the shoulder!"

Miley is guest-starring as a judge in the RuPaul's Drag Race premiere tonight, and we've already gotten video of her in drag to stealthily infiltrate behind the scenes and to give a sweet surprise to all the queens. This is the polar opposite of that—it's insanely over the top and I can't wait to see how it's going to be used in the show.

SanchezAlba explained another connection Miley has to the dress: "'Backyard Sessions' brought A LOT of well-deserved attention to 'vintage' songs and musicians (including one of our all-time faves Melanie Safka)," they said. Gorgeous, and totally unique.

Here's every photo of the dress:

Beautiful, right? Not as gorgeous as her wedding dress, but up there.

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