Kate Middleton's White Wimbledon Dress Is Finally Available to Purchase

Kate Middleton wore a stunning, chic white dress from Suzannah's London to Wimbledon this summer and it's finally available to buy—for £1,850.

Celebrities Attend Wimbledon 2019
(Image credit: Karwai Tang)

Kate Middleton is a staple at Wimbledon and royal fans look forward to watching the duchess watch tennis all year. They also look forward to watching what she'll be wearing for said watching. Yeah, I'm a little lost too. Sorry.

The point is: People are obsessed with Kate's style year-round and her Wimbledon lewks are no exception. This summer, one of the Duchess of Cambridge's most stunning Wimbledon ensembles was the simple and elegant, white Suzannah dress she wore on the first day of the 2019 tournament.

As Hello! Magazine notes, the dress was made in a midi style with contrasting black detail at the buttons, and Kate added a personal touch to the look by pairing it with a black statement belt and simple black pumps.

Here's the ensemble, in case you've somehow forgotten it:

[image id='67344a18-9f4f-4f65-93ac-8d3eba83fbd7' mediaId='d737f805-93e1-443e-ad75-a87fe1a54847' align='center' size='large' share='false' caption='' expand='' crop='original'][/image]

Celebrities Attend Wimbledon 2019

(Image credit: Karwai Tang)

Now, after weeks of waiting, Kate's white Suzannah Wimbledon dress is finally available to purchase—if you're the type who's willing and able to drop multiple thousands of dollars on a single dress, at least.

The dress, known officially as the "Flippy Wiggle Dress," is available for pre-order (with six weeks of lead time) on Suzannah London's website and retails for a whopping £1,850 (which, if you're paying in U.S. dollars, translates to a little more than $2,270).

The Duchess Of Cambridge Launches Family Action Family

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(Image credit: Suzannah's London)

Anyone want to loan me like, two grand? Anyone? ...Bueller?

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The Duchess Of Cambridge Launches Family Action Family

(Image credit: Karwai Tang)
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