Kate Middleton Reportedly Wears These $20 High Heel Insoles

Kate Middleton wears heels all the time and the duchess reportedly pulls off that impressive feat by wearing $20, leather insoles from Alice Bow.

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Upsides of being a duchess: Great clothes, meaningful charity work, awesome box seats at Wimbledon, the chance to wear actual tiaras.

Downsides of being a duchess: Lack of privacy, gossip spread about you in the press, and wearing high heels way more than any human should have to.

Kate Middleton is always chic and poised, and most of the time, that involves wearing designer heels. But Kate doesn’t just wear high heels. She wears them to royal engagements.

That means that, unlike those of us who might wear heels to work and spend most of the day sitting at a desk in them, she’s on her feet pretty much the whole time. Sometimes for hours on end. Sometimes on cobblestone roads. She’s a certified superhero for pulling this off.

If you’re wondering how Kate’s feet haven’t just fallen off after years of this high-heels-on-cobblestone-roads nonsense, the secret might be a pretty magical (and affordable) high heel hack.

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Kate is reportedly a fan of these $20, leather insoles from Alice Bow.

In 2015, a source revealed to Vanity Fair in 2015 that Kate is a big fan of the Alice Bow insoles, which are, naturally, pretty swank. The paddings, created by designer Rachel Bowman, are made of Italian leather and slip perfectly into a pair of heels.

“Kate has ordered a couple of packets, she thinks they are great,” the source revealed.

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Definitely stocking up on these now.

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