Meghan Markle Wore Harry and Archie's Star Signs on Two Delicate Necklaces

Her sweet Suetables pendants are still available for less than $200.

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Last week while Meghan Markle was at Windsor for an event at the Broom Farm Community Centre, she wore the most darling delicate pendants that paired perfectly with her button-down top. Now we know the IDs for both pieces, and even better—they're not expensive, and still in stock! It's an (early) holiday miracle, not to mention a present you can totally get for yourself or BFF.

What's amazing is that when you look closely, it's clear that these are both tiny, subtle tributes to Prince Harry and their baby Archie Harrison. It's really sweet and something that might have gone unnoticed if the brand, Suetables, hadn't IDed both pendants for us.

The Shirley pendant is $79 (bear in mind these are Canadian dollars, it's actually less than that) for the 10k gold and has a diamond cut look to be extra-extra shiny. Meghan has the Virgo pendant for that one to celebrate Harry.

The Vanessa pendant is $39 for the silver and $159 for the 10k gold. Meghan's wearing the Taurus version for little baby Archie. Surprising exactly no one, the gold Taurus charm is low in stock (thank you Duchess effect) so if you want it, go now.

Both pieces together cost only $238 (about $180 in American dollars) if you get the gold versions, which, considering that Meghan's accessories alone can run into the thousands, is totally a steal. Do be aware that the chains are sold separately, so if you choose to get them your cost might be a bit higher. I might have the Shirley pendant in my cart, #notsorry.

Here's the official post from Suetables:

And here's a closeup of the pendants on Meghan:

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Ugh, want.

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