Katie Holmes Wore a Polka Dot Wrap Dress for a Night on the Town

She finished the look with a Frame Les Cube purse.

Katie Holmes Attends McHappy Day
(Image credit: Walter McBride)

In my opinion, Katie Holmes can do no fashion wrong, and she has been killing it lately. Last night, we got a glimpse at yet another stunning look: This one was a polka dot wrap dress that's the exact going-out outfit I'd love in my life right now.

Holmes' stylist, Allison Bornstein, was kind enough to share the photo AND all the details (hero!!). Her makeup was Genevieve Herr, hair by DJ Quintero, and styling obviously by Bornstein.

Holmes is carrying the Frame Les Cube purse, which is under $300 (incredible). Bornstein also tagged Michael Kors; the pretty polka dot wrap dress looks like it's either out of stock or not available yet, but similar styles are still available.

Holmes topped off the look with minimal gold jewelry, slicked back hair and neutral makeup, letting the dress be the star of the piece.

I love the "'80s but for the 21st century" feel that's going on right now, and Holmes is absolutely nailing it.

Herr also shared the exact details of Holmes' makeup (again, hero!): Pestle and Mortar Cosmetics on her skin, moisturizer tint by Laura Merciereye color by Suqqu UK, and lip color Lancôme Drama Matte color Nude Essentiel.

BRB, going to try to replicate this look right now.

Here's the original photo:

And a close-up of the makeup, plus all the details and different angles:

I looove it.

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