Katie Holmes' Stylist Tells Us Exactly How to Replicate Her Chic All-Black Holiday Look

Katie Holmes, style goddess, just gave us all more holiday inspo in an all-black outfit with split-front leggings, a crop top, and an oversize blazer with contrasting lapels.

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Katie Holmes, style goddess, just gave us holiday inspo in an all-black outfit with split-front leggings, a crop top, and an oversize blazer with contrasting lapels.

What's amazing is that not only is this chic and sexy without being OTT—a must for any holiday party outfit—but her stylist Allison Bornstein went into painstaking detail about how, exactly, to replicate the look.

That even includes items you already have in your closet. She might be my hero, honestly. (Also, she does that a lot, going into detail about how a look comes together and why it works, so if you're not following her you definitely should be.)

All the images and details below, but let me sum it up for you: The post on her feed reads like this: "Kate Holmes at Wardrobe.NYC dinner in nyc. This is a great template for a holiday party look! Check out my highlights for some lower priced options and styling tips for how to achieve!"

She also tagged Bradley Irion for hair and Gregg Brockington for makeup. Then, in the Stories, she IDed Holmes' outfit: She's wearing Wardrobe.NYC (blazer here, leggings here), a Bienen Davis zebra-printed handbag, and black Stuart Weitzman pumps.

Then Bornstein got into it: "I love the idea of a dressed up pair of leggings...the split in the front and addition of pockets also makes the leggings feel a bit less athletic and more chic." She gave options from Wolford and Zara.

"I love a shawl collar tuxedo jacket...I think [the] tuxedo style is a great option as well," she went on, with examples from Zara and Reiss. "The key to the underlayer is to make sure it is a different fabric than the leggings. When you do an all black look the textures are really important," she said, offering bodysuit and a tee as an option instead of a crop top.

"A classic black pump with the leggings is sort of 80s but I love it," she went on. "No look is complete without a little bit of animal print. In this case, I chose a zebra bag because Wardrobe.NYC is very black and white and I felt like the black/white zebra pattern would speak to the graphicness of the brand."

Her Rixo option has a cute little shell design at the clasp and is utterly gorgeous. So there you have it! A complete breakdown of exactly how to pull this off.

Here's the Insta post—Holmes looks amazing:

And here are allll her tips, with IDs on every item:

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Bornstein FTW!

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