Katie Holmes Paired a Fuschia Lip With a Deep V-Neck LBD for a Night Out

She's perfected the art of winter styling.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - August 16, 2017
(Image credit: Brendon Thorne)

Last night, Katie Holmes stepped out to celebrate Amazon x Refinery29's Decked and Dazzled pop-up store in New York City. And boy oh boy, does she look amazing. Her black dress, which she modeled for hairstylist Bradley Irion in a cute little video, has a very plunging neckline that almost goes to her naval. Goodbye, cashmere bra, and hello, sexy deep v-neck. She looks incredible.

Irion posted on Instagram Stories a few more details: "Allison Bornstein [Holmes' stylist] brings the dress, Genevieve Herr [makeup artist] brings her magic lip colors and I brought a few extra inches...#hairextensions are like condoms you'd rather have em and not need em than need em and not have them." (Lol, love that last part.)

So far no ID on the sexy velvet dress or jacket but we'll update when we know more; She finished the look with chunky pendant necklaces that give visual interest to the sleek look. Herr did add in the comments of her Instagram post the ID of that pretty fuchsia lip: Gucci Cassie Magenta. It's still available to buy—you're welcome.

Here's the look:

Behind the scenes:

And you can see the finished look here, via a screenshot on Holmes' Instagram Stories:

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(Image credit: Katie Holmes)

I must say, I also love the animal print coat—so chic.

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(Image credit: Brendon Thorne)
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