Kate Middleton's Pretty $12 Earrings Have Just Been Restocked

The pretty pink petal earrings Kate Middleton wore to an event in July 2019 have now been restocked. Oh, and they're $12.

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Kate Middleton, accessories queen, wore Accessorize earrings last year (in case you weren't aware, Accessorize is a British brand that specializes in cute costume jewelry. Kate has worn the brand before, and it's always a delight when the Duchess Effect is so affordable). And great news: They've been restocked, and they're $12—disregard the price in the widget, the right price will show up on the site.

Oh and, per the website, there are matching items available. You know, just in case you want to pull off a full matchy-matchy look. I live to serve!

Per HELLO!, Kate's worn the earrings more than once, but it looks like she wore them most recently at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival to visit that pretty "Back to Nature" garden she designed. The event was in July, so she wore wedges (a fave of hers) plus a patterned green dress. What I love so much is that the pink picks up the pattern from the dress, but isn't, like, FULL bridesmaid with everything being the same color. The fact that the earrings nearly match the shoes is another little add-on that elevates it.

Oh and, of course, when the earrings debuted online initially, they sold old nearly right away. And then they were restocked, and then they sold out again. So, like, go and get these super affordable piece while you still can. 

Here's the full look, so you can admire the outfit all over again:

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo)

So pretty.

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