Jameel Mohammed's KHIRY and NET-A-PORTER Team Up for Mohammed's First Fine Jewelry Collection

Amanda Gorman wore KHIRY jewelry for her iconic TIME cover.

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Since its debut in 2016, Jameel Mohammed's jewelry line KHIRY has become known for its expertly crafted and sculpted pieces, like the ones worn by Amanda Gorman for her iconic TIME cover. Now, Mohammed is teaming up with mega-retailer NET-A-PORTER for his first fine jewelry collection. Under the NET-A-PORTER Vanguard program, which helps catapult designers ahead by pairing them with mentors and sponsors, Mohammed was taken under the wing of none other than Matthew Harris, designer for the acclaimed jewelry brand Mateo.

The launch has jewelry lovers buzzing. Libby Page, Senior Market Editor at NET-A-PORTER, notes that it's “extremely important to help emerging designers set up their businesses for long term success." Of the designer himself, she says Mohammed been on their radar for quite a while, adding: "KHIRY FINE offers a truly unique view that we are sure our customers will really resonate with. The whole collection is a testament to his talent—bringing together mentorship and sponsors to enable his vision to become a reality.” The line was also sponsored by three providers: Hearts on Fire for diamonds, Muzo Emerald Colombia supplied emeralds and a single mine origin source, from The Betts Group, provided gold.

amanda gorman

Amanda Gorman wears a KHIRY choker, repurposed as a crown, and KHIRY FINE earrings and ring.

(Image credit: TIME)

Yet the new line stays true to Mohammed's aesthetic: minimally sculpted pieces with a sense of effortlessness. Of the collaboration, Mohammed points out that the project itself shows the promising ways in which the industry is changing. "The other cause for hope is not merely in the reception we receive as designers but the strength we build together."

He notes that the mentorship, one between two Black designers, could not have been a more powerful fit. "Mateo has helped to move my business forward by years. This is a moment of empowerment, it’s a collaboration of Black and non-black creators, that can and will be the site of change. This is where it starts.”

The collection will launch at the end of this month exclusively on NET-A-PORTER. Prices start at $2,500.

Katie Attardo

Katie Attardo is the Accessories Editor at Marie Claire, covering all things fashion and jewelry-related.