What Poppy Delevingne Wears to Work

Yes, her closet is as chic as her Instagram makes it seem.

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For multihyphenate Poppy Delevingne, getting dressed each day is most comparable to popping a bottle of bubbly: fun, glamorous, and may or may not end in a (fashion) hangover—at least for her closet, which she describes as a disaster-zone after she’s done with it. So it’s only fitting that the actress has started a Prosecco brand, Della Vite, with her sisters, Cara and Chloe. One that aims to bring a level of chicness that has been sorely missing in the alcohol space.

“Prosecco has a bit of a bad name and doesn't get the amount of love that we truly think that it deserves,” Delevingne explains to Marie Claire.

The sustainable vegan brand touts sisterhood as one of its pillars. “Ever since I can remember, me and my sisters have always wanted to have a business together,” she says. “We wanted to have a bigger excuse to spend more time together. Because however close we’ve been, we all have very different lives. There were moments when I thought, Oh god. Surely going into business with sisters could spell disaster, and we could have humongous arguments, but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet.”

What do the sisters fight about though? Clothes. (Not surprising considering the vintage Pucci and Chloé hanging in Poppy’s closet.)

“Since forever, we've always been stealing each other's clothes. I remember the days [when] I would look on Facebook and Cara would be wearing my favorite jeans and we could bust each other wearing each other's favorite items. That still happens now...when we go on holiday together, we'll wear each other's clothes, and there's always that thing, ‘Well, why didn't you ask before you borrowed it?’”

Here, the 35-year-old British native breaks down her favorite brands, her morning routine, and the Hollywood icon who inspires her red carpet looks.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Poppy Delevingne)

Three Words That Describe Her Personal Style

Eclectic. Temperamental. Out-of-my-control. Bonkers. All over the place! Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I want to float around in a ball gown. I tend to go for things that are more colorful than not or things that sparkle. But at the same time I love nothing more than a beautifully tailored suit.

Her Morning Routine

Because I'm preparing for a film, I'm getting up with the birds. I try not to look at my phone for the first hour. I meditate—I'm obsessed with the Calm app and I use that for as long as possible. I always start my day with a glass of homemade kombucha. I like to try and go on a walk and do yoga as well. It’s not every day you find me in this kind of mode—when I’m prepping for a film I call it "stealth mode."

Her Getting Dressed Process

I'm not organized about it. I always leave getting dressed to the last minute, which means it's always chaos. It's always like a tornado's gone off in my house—there's a lot of clothes up in the air; it's very cartoon-like. Throwing things on and off and a lot of cussing. I like to dress spontaneously and how I'm feeling in that moment.

[The film I'm prepping for is] based in the '60s/'70s in London, so at the moment, I'm very much drawn to everything a lot of the '60s/’70s things in my wardrobe: very short hemlines, lots of flares, lots of suede jackets, big hoops. I'm wearing flared denim today, even; it’s old Chloé.

Her Approach to Red Carpet Style

I work with the wonderful Elizabeth Saltzman—she’s always there to save the day. We'll do a fitting at least a week in advance. She's always aiming for old Hollywood glamour for me. She loves putting me in baby pinks or mint greens or canary yellows. We’re very inspired by Grace Kelly in How to Catch a Thief.

Her Work Uniform

If I have a meeting for Della Vite—I have to go meet with a sommelier or do some press—then I might put on an incredible blazer and a bootie so it gives me bit of height, which makes me feel strong and more engaging. When I have to be on set and I'm acting, it's all about comfort. I always have massive jumpers on—even if it's August—and big cozy socks. If it’s an audition, I would never wear a heel—when I was modeling I wanted everyone to think I was taller and now I'm acting and I want people to think I'm shorter—I'm always in a flat. If I’m auditioning for a period piece, I'll wear something like a vintage lace blouse. [I focus on the blouse] because in an audition only your upper body is being filmed.

Her Shopping Philosophy

I shop a lot of vintage. I have a few places in London [where I go] like Rellik. I also love shopping brands that are very aware of sustainability, like Reformation, Stella McCartney, and Nobody's Child. My current favorite vintage piece is an incredible Pucci dress that literally just covers my bum. I got it when I was 17. It's very Twiggy-esque. It makes me smile whenever I wear it.

I also rent out a lot of my wardrobe, and I rent, too, from a brand called My Wardrobe HQ. I think renting is a great way to be sustainable going forward.

poppy delevingne

(Image credit: Courtesy of Poppy Delevingne)

Her Wardrobe Staple

Jumpers. I'm a huge Elder Statesman freak. I have more Elder Statesman in my cupboard than anything else. I love Bella Freud. I love Bamford. I love CELINE jumpers with big necks. Anything big and cushy and that envelops me and makes me feel like I'm a cocoon, I'm happy.

Accessories She Can’t Live Without

I wear my engagement ring every single day. I love jewelry that my mum or grandmother gives me. Missoma is one of my favorite jewelry brands, as well as Mejuri and Jennifer Fisher’s hoops. I love Sophie Lis and Venyx by Eugenie Niarchos. I have an Ara Vartanian necklace of a little bull—because I’m a Taurus sign—that I usually wear. I also have a Roxanne First necklace with my name on it that I wear most days. I just bought Theodora Warre earrings: an amazing crescent moon in one ear and a rose quartz heart in the other.

Outfit That Makes Her Feel Powerful

When I feel supremely feminine, that's when I feel my most powerful. When I wear a beautiful gown or a beautiful dress by someone like Miu Miu or Chloe or Prada or Chanel. Something that glitters and shines and sparkles, and that makes you feel, without sounding so cheesy, like a princess. It makes me feel like I can own a room and it gives me confidence because I have taken the time to dress up and make an effort. So I can sashay into a room and feel like I'm in control.

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