An Evening to Save Venice

Amanda Hearst puts on her mask as she co-chairs an event to raise money to restore art in one of the world's most beautiful cities.

Tuesday night, I along with fellow Junior Chairs Luigi TadiniOlivia Chantecaille, and Alexandra Lind Rose helped throw an event at The Plaza for Save Venice, an organization that raises money to restore art in Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Here are some fun photos from the evening — you won't believe some of the masks and costumes people wore!

I decided to wear a Valentino floor-length gown for the evening because I thought its over-the-top glamour was perfect for an evening celebrating Venice! That said, it was so big that people kept tripping on me (and I kept tripping on myself!), but I guess when you suffer for fashion, other people sometimes have to as well.

I borrowed these Bulgari earrings because they are so delicate and beautiful. Love!

Me with my co-chairs — Luigi Tadini, Olivia Chantecaille, and Alexandra Lind Rose — as we walk to present the awards for best costumes and masks. I was so nervous, so I let the other chairs do all the talking. I have horrible stage fright!

Olivia and I sharing a laugh.

Some people go all out for this event, and here are a few examples! Love the basket on that woman's head. Next time, I'll have to do the same :).

Me, Bobby Kennedy, and Kick Kennedy in character. They are some of my oldest childhood friends and we also work on Riverkeeper together. It was so great to run into them here!