VPL Designer Victoria Bartlett Launches Vegan Shoe Line

A closer look at the brand to turn to when you want to "veganize" your shoe collection.

After my good friend Arden Wohl "veganized" her wardrobe, she suddenly realized that her accessories collection (which once boasted Chanel! Proenza! Valentino!) was now lacking. "Aside from Stella McCartney, there really aren't many strong vegan lines out there," explains Wohl. "You don't realize that basically all shoes and bags are made of skins or leather until you can't wear skins and leather anymore!"

Step in Victoria Bartlett, Arden's BFF who designs the uber-chic fashion line VPL. "Basically, I've been begging Vicky to make vegan shoes so that I have something to wear!" And thanks to the power of friendship — and the fact that Bartlett also felt that there should be great vegan options in the fashion market — the designer recently debuted her vegan shoe line for the brand.

The shoes range from colorful sandals to mod-inspired wedges, perfect for a girl-about-town wanting to make a fashion statement. (They also perfectly complement the modern, often body-con dresses that Bartlett creates. Above is a shot of me and Arden celebrating the launch of VPL's vegan shoe line in our own VPL dresses!)

Here, my favorite pairs!

amanda hearst and arden wohl

(Image credit: Archives)