Paris Fashion Week S/S 2014: Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs' last show for Louis Vuitton in review.

Every editor/writer/stylist/buyer was warped out of our fatigued plagued existence and into the dark surreal world Marc Jacobs had created at Louis Vuitton for his final show. Yes, the rumors are true: It is Marc Jacobs' last show with the French luxury brand after 16 years. Is Nicholas Ghesquiere next to steer the helm? That is question is still awaiting its answer.

But today, it doesn't matter. From the moment we approached the stairs to see French maids dusting off the pink steps awaiting our arrival, we knew we were in for another LV production (even though what we had in store was quite opposite from the entrance).

Black was the theme and it rang loud and clear, but something was quite peculiar about the set. First, the doors wrapping around the top of the space were extremely familiar - were they perhaps the same doors from last season? And then there were the escalators running up and down the front of the room – did they happen to belong to the season before dedicated to checkers? And just above that, the Louis Vuitton clock punctured the darkness like a moon in the night and the FW 2013 Train defile was the first thing that came to mind. Then there was the fountain, the carousel, among the rest of the not so discrete clues, it was quite obvious an homage has been created for Marc Jacobs' final show

It was magical, overwhelming to the senses and just the proper dose of creativity to jolt us back into our favorite state of reality – la mode. While the entire collection was based on black garments, black crystals and black feather head dresses from Stephen Jones, interestingly enough, Jacobs' "pop" came in the form of denim… with black embellishments of course. Was the collection completely wearable, probably not sans the denim, moto jackets and flat boots, but again it didn't matter. It was a moment in history, an end of an era which now leaves us at a point yearning to know who Jacob's successor shall be. While of course we are all sad to see Jacobs leave the brand, there is no doubt we are also dwindling in anticipation to find out who will take the reins.

Thank you Marc for the incredible 16 years of innovation you gave us at Louis Vuitton. We wish you all the best.

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