The 46 Best Pairs of Sunglasses for Summer 2021

Here's to sunny days.

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(Image credit: David Lees)

Pro tip: Before you start your sunglasses hunt, it's a good idea to determine the right style for your face. But no matter what you're looking for this season—from trend-driven pairs like ski goggle-inspired sunnies to classic shades like Ray-Bans—your favorite brands have you covered with both stylish new designs and fresh updates to the classics. Tortoiseshell continues to dominate this season, as do mirrored lenses, subtle gradients, and all the angles.

At Marie Claire, we're big believers in there being no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses. If you so choose, you can and should own everyday sunglasses, pool-day sunglasses, early-evening sunglasses, special-occasion sunglasses, and so many more. And because sunglasses are 1) small and 2) often inexpensive, you should feel free to have fun with them. Want to try wacky Instagram-only styles? Do it. Heart-shaped sweet shades calling your name? Add to cart. Sunglasses are not meant to be serious, no matter how much they cost. But that's not to say that sunglasses can't be sophisticated. In fact, a handful of pairs on this list will take the simplest outfit from snooze to stunning.

Julia Marzovilla
Julia Marzovilla

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