The 16 Best Fleece-Lined Joggers to Snuggle Up In

It's getting cold out there, folks.

Best Fleece-Lined Sweatpants
(Image credit: Christian Vierig/Getty Images.)

It’s almost 2022, and we’re still dressing nicely exclusively from the waist up. While some people opt for a pair of black leggings to coordinate with their nicest Zoom-ready tops, I tend to go for a pair of sweatpants—but only if they’re lined with fleece. The winter weather has settled in here in New York, so I rely on my favorite, coziest, sweats to keep me warm. 

But it seems that a few of my most favorite pairs haven’t exactly been holding up so well due to the constant wear over the last 12 months. So, I rounded up a definitive list of all the best pairs of fleece-lined sweatpants that you can buy now and wear until you can step outside without needing ten different layers once again. From colorful, printed pairs to wide-leg picks that could almost double as a pair of work-appropriate bottoms, this list has it all. No one will ever know that you're not wearing a pair of office-approved trousers just off-screen. 

Julia Marzovilla
E-Commerce Editor

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